Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much child and/or spousal support can I receive?
  • How much child and or spousal support will I have to pay?
  • Can I move my child out of the county or state?
  • How can I get custody of my children?
  • How can I get 50-50 custody of my children in Delaware County, Pennsylvania? In other counties?
  • How can I get a quick Divorce?
  • How can I get Alimony?
  • Will I have to pay Alimony?
  • How will the Assets and Debts be divided in my Divorce?
  • Is there legal separation in Pennsylvania?
  • Can I move out of the house without losing it?

Family Law is very fact specific and the answers to these questions will depend on your particular set of facts. We will answer these questions and more at your initial consultation. Please call us to schedule an initial consultation. Call 610-892-3939.